The Day’s Delicious

Assorted nonsense and marginally relevant shenanigans via my personal bookmarks.

- How Should Your Company Handle Negative Blog Comments? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog: Some common sense advice on entering the fray of a negative blog comment stream.

- Organic vs. Inorganic Communities | The Harte of Marketing: A great read on the pros/cons/differences between types of online communities. Good food for thought for anyone thinking about community-building for clients or for their own purposes.

- Introduction To Getting Paid For Value Instead of Time – SlideShare: It makes sense when you think about it, but with clients indoctrinated in an old system mindset and agencies hardly every willing to push the point, it's hard to say if/when the paradigm shift could happen. Regardless, agencies need to start rethinking what sort of value they provide their clients by merely executing and not putting a price tag on strategy, which is the real product.

- What Your Global Neighbors Are Buying – Interactive Graphic – Man, the New York Times really have their stuff together when it comes to making clean, simple, yet informative interactive infographics. Solid.

- SHIFT Communications Web 2.0 Press Release: A great template for "web 2.0" press releases. Nicely done.