Advising Clients Among Chaos

Yesterday I reached out to my network and asked a fairly simple question:

Ad peeps advice for clients.

I received some great responses and thought I would share those here.

Dallas-based freelance writer and creative consultant Jason Fox:

  • Keep advertising. No one buys what they don’t know about.

Minneapolis-based interactive marketer Adam Kmiec:

  • Test dozens if not hundreds of things right now. Don’t run just 1 campaign/project and wait months for results.
  • I can test dozens of things online for a fraction of the cost of testing 1 large scale campaign.
  • So far seems to be working. At heart people are scientists and want to experiment. it explains my long hair phase in college.

Kansas City-based marketing researcher Josh Davenport:

  • If I spoke to clients I’d be telling them trust is the new validator. Price is great, but trust is what people are looking for.

Kansas City-based event marketer Marc Schumer:

  • “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it “- but we’ve been saying that before things were in the tank, it is just that much more meaningful these days…

Kansas City-based media planning director Fraser Elliott:

  • You can directly measure how many lights come on with every flip of the switch, but if you buy more switches and lights because they’re measurable, and pay for it by cutting off the fuel at the power plant because that isn’t as measurable, how much longer will the lights keep coming on when you flip the switches?

Kansas City-based sports bar owner Bill Fickle:

  • Have another beer.

I really enjoyed all of these repsonses and was bolstered by the common theme between almost all of them: keep fighting, keep pushing, keep believing…keep trying! Yes, this economy is tough but it also represents an incredible opportunity to reinvent your brand, your business and yourself as a professional. How often do we get a shot at doing that?

What about you? What one piece of information/advice do you find yourself repeating to your clients right now given this economy?