The Day’s Delicious

Assorted nonsense and marginally relevant shenanigans via my personal bookmarks.

- Where is Everyone?- A fascinating look back and look forward at the ever-evolving face of media consumption. Killer graphics included!

- The Counterintuitive CEO: How can CEOs understand social technologies?: A succinct post on how to quickly begin understanding social media and how it can work for business or brand: PERSONAL PARTICIPATION AND EXPERIENCE. Sounds like a "duh" but you'd be surprised how hard it is to push this idea.

- Finding a Job Through Social Media – NBC Action News KSHB-TV 41: Blatant self promotion: here's a story my local NBC affiliate ran on personal branding/job hunting via social media that I was interviewed for.

- Why Isn’t Mainstream Gen Y Buying Into The New Web? | Employee Evolution: Quick hits on who's linking, tweeting and poking.

- How to import Textpattern into WordPress: Saving this for later use. Time to start migrating a few clients to 2009.