The Day’s Delicious

Assorted nonsense and marginally relevant shenanigans via my personal bookmarks.

- iPhone 3G Stencil – Graffletopia: Dang…can't quite figure out how I missed this one too. More fun with iStuff and Omnigraffle.

- iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle | Konigi: Sweet. Time to start plotting world domination, one iPad app at a time.

- iPod touch in Education: A cool site that pulls together a myriad of resources for using the iPod Touch in educational settings. (Link credit: @sidneyeve)

- OMG: brains can’t handle all our Facebook friends – Times Online: Via Mashable, here's an article regarding cognitive limits within social media. The big surprise? We're not *really* friends with all the people we're friends with in Facebook. If you find that shocking, you probably think that friending all your old high school flames is a great way to "stay in touch."

- Brand experience on Facebook is back: Um…I never thought it left, but whatevs. Still a good quick read.