The Day’s Delicious

Assorted nonsense and marginally relevant shenanigans via my personal bookmarks.

- What the Lost iPhone Case Could Mean for the Future of Media: The money quote: “This is an issue that will be settled by lawyers and investigators, not journalists or technology experts, with the future of media potentially in the balance.” I call bullshit. Gizmodo is looking to be protected as journalists when they broke the law acting like a bunch of fanboy bloggers. Can’t have it both ways, gang.

- How Chicago has Boosted Tourism Using Foursquare: After my recent excursion to Vermont to help a buddy to move, I’ve been fascinated by the potential for mobile social applications. A great case study here regarding Chicago tourism’s forays into Foursquare. [Hat tip to @adamkmiec for the link.]

- Should CEOs Be Fluent in Social Media?: A great interview from Mashable with Forrester Research CEO George Colony. Spot on commentary, words of advice and words of warning for the C-level exec looking to take the plunge into becoming “more social.”

- Mac & the iPad: A great article from Bruce Tognazzini, Apple employee #66, design and UI expert and principal with the Nielsen Norman Group. History, it would seem, is a crucial piece of understanding this whole Flash vs. HTML5 debate with regard to Apple products.

- Altimeter Report: Social Marketing Analytics: Solid information and definitely a “big stake” in the ground on the part of Jeremiah Owyang and the Altimeter Group. Yet there’s still loads of work to do here. I share the concerns of many of my colleagues that these proposed measures only offer a tenuous connection to the sort of bottom line business objectives that C-level execs would be looking for. In other words, there’s still work that needs to be done to translate them into effective use.