Fear and Self-Loathing at Super Bowl XLIX


Today¬†will be the culmination of simply the most disgusting season of professional football I’ve ever witnessed. If you need a recap (as if ANYONE really needs a recap), then simply read this article that was posted to Rolling Stone’s website today and then unceremoniously pulled a short while later and published on the author’s personal blog. (Where have you gone, Hunter S. Thompson? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. Woo, woo, woo…)

While many in the advertising industry will gather around their TV sets claiming to “only be interested in the ads,” how many of us will OPENLY ADMIT that we are feeding this beast? We’re enabling it, coddling it, whispering into its ear “It’s okay…just fight through this one…next season will be better…you’ll see” due to some bizarre self-imposed delusion that somehow as an industry we NEED this mess…as if this punch drunk fighter is our only meal ticket to some semblance of legitimacy.

We are tacitly endorsing literal self-destruction, misogyny, domestic abuse and more. Hell, we’re ACTIVELY FUNDING it. And the creative tomorrow? I expect a lot of dick and fart jokes. Keep track of how many “nagging woman/wife” stereotypes you see. Count up the “stupid neanderthal man” characters. Add points for every spot that objectifies women. People getting hit in the crotch? Probably. My bet is that those will be some of the top rated spots we’ll all probably be talking about around the water cooler on Monday.

As an industry, we can be better than this. Sadly, the question that seemingly no one wants to answer is this: do we want to be?